A Look Back at a Stylish 2013

picture credit: Pinterest

I cannot believe that 2013 is coming to a close. It has been a well very memorable year, I don't even know where to start! As I have done the past few years, I want to reminisce over the past year and some of the highlights and even some low moments that have made me incredibly stronger and who I am today. So here are 14 of the most memorable and most stylish events that happened throughout 2013! 

1. The year started off with me in a new relationship and happier than ever. Things may have not worked out, but I am so incredibly blessed to have met R and have him in my life. 
"Stylish Outfit: Spiked Heels"

2. While I am normally not a huge Valentine's Day supporter, this year I got to celebrate with R and have him make me a delicious dinner and actually get to shop for a boy for V-Day!
"Stylish Love Weekend Recap & Vegas!"
3. I did one of my first blogger collaborations with an incredible NYC blogger, Girl AvantGarde and showed readers how to wear stripes from west coast to east coast!
Stylish Spring Trend East to West Coast ft Girl AvantGarde"

4. Lucky FABB came to LA and I attended among hundreds of other bloggers and got to spend the most incredible weekend with some of my best friends!
"Stylishly Off to Lucky FABB West"

5. My dream FINALLY came true and I got to attend Coachella! I must say it was the greatest three days ever and I spent it with amazing people!
"Stylish Coachella Outfit Option 1"

6. I got the opportunity to head to Wisconsin with R for a fun week of lake time relaxation! I also got to reunite with my best friend T! I also had 5 INCREDIBLE guest bloggers blog for me while I was away!
"Stylish Lake Vacation Bag Must Haves"

7. I attended three weddings over the summer, and that meant a new outfit for each!
"Stylish Outfit: Summertime Wedding"

8. I turned 23 and celebrated with the ones who truly matter and had the best birthday!
"A Stylish 23rd Birthday Celebration" 

9. While it was rough, R and I decided to end our relationship, and I took a little time to myself and could not have done it without my amazing blog and blog readers.
"A Stylish Update"

10. After working with LAmade for almost two years, I left to start what I thought was a new adventure at another clothing brand only to be let go after a month.
"Stylish Bumps in the Road"

11. I celebrated four years of Stylelista Confessions! I celebrated with a fun and stylish cupcake and some fun outfits!
"Stylelista Confessions Turns 4"

12. After almost a year of working on it, I finally launched SoCal Blogger Society, a blogging group for all Southern California bloggers! We are now up to 80 members and growing and I am so incredible proud to lead such a great group of bloggers.
"Stylish Outfit: Sunday SoCal Blogger Society Brunch"

13. I got to attend my THIRD Lucky FABB Conference, this time back in NYC! It was a crazy weekend of blogging and fashion!
"Stylish Lucky FABB Essentials"

14. After nearly two months of looking, I finally found an incredible position with Three Dots Clothing as a Retail West Coast Coordinator!
"Stylish New Changes"

Along with all of those amazing memories, there has been countless amounts of outfit posts so I decided to pick my favorite outfit from every month of this year! Thanks to all my friends and amazing family who have put up with me asking to take pictures of every one of my outfits, this blog would not be possible without all of you!
2013 has been a year that I will never forget. I want to thank every single person who reads this blog and supports me, because I would be NO WHERE without any of you. I am forever grateful and can't express my appreciation and gratitude. Cheers to 2013 and lets make 2014 EVEN BETTER!

So until next time...Live Stylishly

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