Stylish Lake Vacation Bag Must Haves

Lake Must Haves
(in no particular order) 
iPhone (of course this will be coming along!)
Amazon Kindle (I plan to read at least 2 books)
EOS lip balm with SPF15
Neutrogena "Clean Face" SPF 30(my face is super sensitive to SPF, so this is perfect!)
Havaianas Slim Flip Flops (I am living in these lately!)
Rachel Zoe Striped Sun Hat (a hat is a total must have!)

If you didn't know by now, tomorrow I am off to Wisconsin with my boyfriend for a week of fun and relaxation at his family's lake house. While I think I may be almost packed, I also have some essentials that I carry with me at all times, especially when I am out in the sun. So I decided to share what's in my "lake" bag and what I never leave home without! (besides my bikini of course!)
What are you must haves for a beach or lake vacay?
So until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. SO cute!! I'm obsessed with EOS lipbalm.. and that hat! I just wrote a similar post on my blog :)


  2. Yep, those would all be on my list! I usually take a book too but then never read it.