To ALL my fellow Stylelistas! 
Welcome to my stylish little corner of the web, I am so glad you stopped by. Ever since I can remember my life has revolved around fashion. I picked up my first Vogue Magazine at age six and spent more time worrying about my outfit and when I could go shopping again then anything else. As a Southern California native I was always surrounded by fashion but it wasn't until my family relocated to Houston that I really knew I had found my calling. I did my first internship at Nordstrom at age 17 and then headed off to college to major in Fashion Marketing. As I was halfway through my degree I realized that my love of fashion was too much to NOT share it with the world and Stylelista Confessions was born.

Now ten years later, I am living in Orange County working full time in real estate marketing and design and continuing my love of blogging full time as well. My goal for this blog was to share all the amazing things I love in the world of fashion but also finding the alternative that is attainable for myself and I continue to do that in each and every post I share. I want everyone to leave knowing exactly how to embrace their inner stylelista! I love hearing from my readers, who are the ones that make this blog possible, so PLEASE give me a shout out I would love to hear from you!