My Stylish Summer 2019 Amazon Purchases

It's been a minute since I shared some of my recent Amazon purchases and today felt like the perfect day to share what I've purchase this summer on Amazon. I've said it before and I will say it again, Amazon is the holy grail of shopping. I mean I literally buy everything on there and it's always the first place I head when I need something. Between Prime Day and just random needs, I've stocked up on quite a bit this summer and can't wait to share! Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend!

1. There really is nothing worse than your purse being a bottomless pit. This felt bag organizer is a life-saver and has a pocket for everything you carry. This was a game changer for the work conference I went to a few weeks back. The x-large size is what will fit most sized totes. I recommend measuring your bag first though!

2. I shared this midi dress on Instagram a few weeks back and still can't believe this dress is in stock and still only $12.99! Pair it with a bootie and sweater for fall, or wear it with sandals for the end of summer!

3. I have tried the BeautyBlender brand and the RT brand, and this 5 pack of blenders is by far the best I've used and for $8.99, you can't beat the price!

4. We all know that big hair clips are back in style and this set of 8 includes 4 pearl clips and 4 printed clips and wait for it... it's only $5.99!

5. I actually just bought this activated charcoal this past weekend and have already used it once and love it! My teeth are just naturally yellow and no pearly white, so I will take anything that can help make them brighter and I noticed a difference after one use. You put a little bit on your toothbrush and brush as normal. 

6. Continuing on with the teeth whitening process, this ECCO Pure White Teeth Whitening Pen is actually what led me to that charcoal as it was recommended to use both and again after one use, I noticed a huge difference in my teeth. I can't wait to see what happens after a week!

7. Where are all my Friends fans out there!? If you don't know I am a HUGE fan of the show and have been wanting a Central Perk mug forever and came across this one! Its huge, just like the ones on the show and the logo is so cute.

8. I am one of those people where I will literally buy a pair of sunglasses and wear them forever. I've trained myself to be super careful with expensive pairs and while I love my Ray-Ban's, I just didn't want to spend $200 on a new pair of a style I wasn't totally sure I would love on me. That's where these shades came in. Not only are they exact replicas, but they are a fraction of the cost and I've actually ending up loving them! They come in 6 shades too.

9. I, unfortunately, had to attend a funeral back in June and shockingly I didn't own a pair of black pants that weren't distressed jeans. I didn't really have time to shop before the funeral so I went on Amazon and snagged these Paper Bag Pants that seriously felt like they were much more expensive then they were. I love they have an elastic waist, come in 12 colors and are under $25! 

10. Like the planner I am, I did a ton of research before traveling with my dog for the first time in June. I read on tons of sites that having a way for your dog to drink water after the flight is key and these pop up and collapsible water bowls were exactly what I needed. They are also great for hikes, after the dog park and when you are traveling! They also clip right on to your bag so you don't lose them. 

11. Normally I wash my makeup brushes with my facial cleanser, but I realized that might not be the best for the brushes so I found this Ecotools Makeup Brush Shampoo and I love it. The shampoo is paraben, phthalate and petroleum free with no perfume or skin irritant which is great for my hyper sensitive skin, and it's under $5 for the 6 ounce which is plenty!

What are some of your favorite recent Amazon purchases?

So until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. I just ordered those cute black pants- you're making me SO excited to get them! :)

    xoxo A

    1. OMG you are so sweet. Seriously they are the best and so lightweight! I am honestly going to buy the other colors! :)