Stylish Lucky FABB Essentials

So next week I am headed to New York for my THIRD Lucky FABB Conference. I obviously enjoy them so much that I keep coming back, but I have learned a few things along the way that I definitely want to share with my readers and those who may be going to FABB for the first time! I love the experience and getting to learn so much from so many other fabulous bloggers so if you ever had any doubt in going, DON'T because it's well worth it! Since I am traveling and won't be close to home like I was back in April for the one here in LA, I've realized there a few things I just can't go without at any Lucky FABB. While some of these might seem like obvious things to bring, you would be surprised that I notice a lot of gals don't bring or run out of.
Lucky FABB Essentials

Business Cards (ALWAYS bring a lot, because you would be surprised at how quickly they can go if you are giving them out to your new pals!)
iPad (an obvious must have)
iPhone (another obvious must have)
Chargers AND Cords (this is like the biggest thing you should bring, you are using your battery up SO fast. I have a lot people ask if we have extras so make sure to bring your own!)
External Battery (while finding a plug might be hard at times, this is good to have when u want to juice up quick! I just ordered this one and can't wait to use it!)
Camera (you know why this is a must have)
Notebook with Pen (writing things you learn down can benefit in the end)
Purse (bring a big enough bag to carry all of this stuff so you aren't lugging around a bunch of stuff)
Flats (I am wimp sometimes in heels and last time I brought a pair of flip flops that saved my life because my feet were killing me and then got a pair of Yosi Samra flats that saved my life!)

If you have these things I listed you will be sure to be the most successful at Lucky FABB! Can't wait to see everyone next week and hope you all have a lovely weekend!!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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