Give your stress wings and let it fly away

So with the holidays just around the corner and finals slowly creeping closer stress is a part of my daily life I feel like. Not only am I dealing with a full class load but I work about 25 hours a week and remembering I go to an art school which means the homework is about 50 times more in depth than normally. So me and stress have become best friends practically. I am sure that I am not alone with this.

So how does one remain stylish under stress and agony?

Well many of you probably have your own ways to remain calm and collect, but we all have our moments when we just want to let out a huge scream or sit down and have a good cry. I know for me the best therapy for stress is shopping, which I am sure for every stylista out there is thiers as well. 

Tonight marked the opening night of the 2010 basketball season. Now I am a huge basketball fan and have been since as long as I can remember, which many people would never believe as I don't flaunt my sports love ha.  After a long stressful weekend and discovering 90210 and melrose place were reruns I was pumped to watch the opening game! I actually made a healthy dinner and got to relax for a few hours and watch my beloved lakers beat the Clippers in a close but good game. 

Now  normally this would not be my stress reliever, but of course some online shopping was included in my relaxing evening. Purchasing jewled studded ballet flats online was the perfect ending to one of the first relaxing nights I've had in a very long time.

So my question is, are your normal stress relievers really relieving stress or is doing something out of the ordinary actually even better? I don't know about you, but I'm begining to think changing up the normal things we do once in awhile is actually the best therapy of all!

Until next time... Live stylishly

Colors Follow The Changes of the Emotions.

So being a girl nail polish has been something I have loved since before I could even paint my own nails or toes. I remember going with my mom to the nail salon when I was little and loved looking at the loads of nail polish on those roll arounds and wanting to try on every color imaginable. I remember begging my mom in stores to buy me nail polish and then having her paint the crazy wild colors on when we got home.

A funny flashback is when I was 7 or 8 years old I remember having a bright blue glitter polish that was probably my favorite color ever! Well one night when my mom was out and my dad was home waytching my sister and I, I decided to whip out the bright blue polish in my bathroom and paint my nails, well somehow the nail polish spilt all over the bathroom and onto to the carpet and was a huge disaster, we had to spend a ton of money to remove my loved blue nail polish from the carpet and walls, needless to say I had to part with my precious polish and that was the last time my mom bought me any bright polish for awhile. I definitely learned my lesson after that, never paint ur nails on an unsteady surface or anywhere near carpet ha.

Well now being almost 20 I have come a long way since my blue polish spilling days and working in a beauty place I am surroiunded by the urges to purchase every nail polish color ever made. Many of you know that my recent love is Chanel's "Jade: polish which I searched all over for, calling numerous states and cities to find this one of a kind color introduced to me by none other than the imfamous B. I found my Jade polish and have been sporting it ever since. Its the perfect accessory to the ultimate fall wardrobe. I have always been the girl to wear the bright neon colors, mainly because being so fair skinned they don't wash me out! Essie's "Punchy Pink" is one of my favorite nail colors ever! Essie is great for bright neon colors and are always a fun option!

As far as toe polish, I was always a bright colored person until a recent trip to the nail salon with my mom, I was convinceed to try a dark polish, at first I was skeptical but now I am in love and am all for dark colors. I just had a pedi today and used my new OPI color "Lincoln Park At Midnight" its a dark purple and is absolutely gorgeous! Another favorite is OPI's "Pamplona Purple" from their Espana collection, that entire collection is gorg but that particular color is one my favorites! So I could probably go on all day about nail polish colors but I will stop at those colors and leave the rest up to your imagination!

Until next time... Live stylishly

Change is the essence of life.

So there comes a time in a girls life where change is a much needed thing, whether it relates to boyfriends, friends, lifestyle, or in my particular case my apartment. I have always either lived with a roommate or lived at home and never fully gotten to decorate my own place and got to decide on everything by myself without any other input from people around me, not that that is a bad thing sometimes. I have lived here for about 9 months and always had a serious urge to redecorate it but either never had the time or energy to really sit down and think about what I wanted to do, until this past weekend when someone told me I needed more paintings on my wall did I really begin to think I really want to change my whole apartment theme.

In the October issue of Seventeen Magazine, there was an article on how to redecorate your room and one of the themes was French Boudoir, after the Coco Chanel Suite at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris, where Coco actually lived! Now being a Stylista myself, Coco is my all time favorite fashionista and designing a room inspired by her room seems only natural. Black and white are my all time favorite colors for a room and I feel like they are such classic colors you can really make a fabulous room with them. I always love a splash of color as well. Even though I have not been lucky enough to visit Paris yet I would love to bring that city into my room and apartment, even if it is just a painting or a mural of the Eiffel tower. Pier 1 has an amazing metal wall decor of the Eiffel Tower that would be perfect to place on a wall and be able to admire that every time you walk into the room!

Since my walls are already painted white, I feel that bringing color into the room will be the bedding and wall decor. The current bedding I have right now, is from none other than Target! It is black scroll with a splash of pink in it, which I love and am working into the room very nicely I must say. One of the other things I have always wanted for my room was a wire dress mannequin. Since these aren't the easiest to find, I am hoping with a little more search on the internet and local vintage shops, I can find my dream mannequin which will be the perfect addition to my new french themed room. I have already found some accessories at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie so I can't wait to go with B, and have her help me get the perfect items! Now all thats left is to go accessory shopping, which of course is every girl's favorite thing to do and find the perfect accents for the perfect french themed room.

I for one can't wait to begin the shopping to make this French Boudoir themed room just perfect! While I know creating an exactly replica of the Coco Chanel Suite isn't possible, I am using her for inspiration for my dream room! I can't wait to finish it so...

Until then... Live Stylishly

Out With the Old.... In With the New

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the Barney's New York grand opening at Fashion Square. I went with my extremely fashion forward friend, B. who was in just as much awe as I was. Walking into the new wing of the mall and seeing the crowds of people walking and shopping and buying all the hottest new fall fashions at not only Barney's but everywhere from Forever 21 to Anthropologie was a satisfying feeling :) I have been into a Barney's before in Las Vegas and was in awe when I walked through the store just looking at all the gorgeous shoes and bags and dresses, and yet even though I couldn't afford those gorgeous items at this moment in my life I hope to one day be able to buy them all!

I then got to thinking how the greatest pair of Miu Miu Wedges or a fabulous Chloe tote is sort of like a man. A man can be an amazing pair of Jimmy Choo flats or completely terrible like a pair of heels that just don't cut it. You know when you meet that perfect guy who is fantastic beyond words, is like  finding the most amazing unexplainable pair of J Brand skinny jeans that you have been searching around for months. But when a guy breaks your heart or does something to totally make you kick him to the curb is like your finding your absolute favorite Ella Moss cardigan with a huge snag in it or your favorite Joe's Jeans completely fraying at the bottom and becoming impossible to wear.

So when it comes to men, are your favorite items replaceable like replacing your so called "dream man" after he totally breaks your heart? I say YES! Any man who wants to disrespect a women or break their heart is like having to let go of your favorite item of clothing, even if it seems as though its the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in your life.

Well I have news for all you stylistas out there, men are replaceable just like that favorite pair of jeans or cardigan that you never thought you could live without, but you CAN. The best part about having to deal with a breakup or heartbreak is shopping is always the best therapy and comparing men to fashion is always the best way to go!

So until next time.... live stylishly

10 items every stylista must have!

So lately, I have been OBSESSED with Rachel Zoe and her tv show on Bravo. The other day I was online and found a list of her 10 must have items for every fashionista's wardrobe. I love Rachel Zoe because she can take the most basic clothing item and make it so fashionable! So here is the list of her 10 must have items and my comments on them :

1. The perfect pair of sunglasses: yes every women should have a fabulous par of sunglasses to shield them from the sun yet still look stylish. Ray Bans are my FAVORITE right now

2. Cocktail Ring- I am OBSESSED with this item just because it is the most fabulous item that can be worn everyday and you can have multiple of them! Juicy Couture or Betsey Johnson are great choices!

3. Statement Necklace- This is probably Rachel Zoe's biggest thing she is known for big and bold necklaces! Forever 21 has the best options!

4. Ankle Boot-  I love love this! I bought the cutest pair of purple ones from DSW and I am in LOVE with them!

5. Metallic Pump- You can NEVER go wrong with a bold pair of pumps :)

6. Cape or Poncho- This is something I have not bought yet, because I'm not sure I would get enough use out of it in Arizona but its something I am SERIOUSLY considering purchasing.

7. Leggings- This is something EVERY girl should have in her wardrobe. Leggings are the easiest things to dress up or down. I love them! Forever 21 again is the best option for buying multiple of them!

8. Trench coat- I love coats, and I have too many to count and a trenchcoat is always the best option!

9. Tuxedo Vest- I want one these so bad! I think its such a classic item!

10. Blazer- I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE! like a blazer is one of the items every women should have in her closet. Bird by Juicy Couture has the most amazing blazer I want that I saw on the Rachel Zoe Report and even if its $600 I still LOVE It!

So now you know Rachel Zoe's ten items every stylista has to have! Now go out and buy every item and report back!

Until then Live stylishly....

Dreams are necessary to life.

So I met up with an old friend yesterday and he asked me if I was still pursuing my dream in fashion. This stuck with me because I have wanted to pursue my dream of fashion since I was 8 years old and even someone who I havent seen in almost 2 years remembered how passionate I was about fashion. 

So I decided to write about dreams and how important it is to always follow your dreams because you may regret it later on down the road.

Another one of my passions has always been music. Music and fashion are therapy to me and hearing a good song is the best medicine as buying a fabulous new pair of shoes or a great pair of jeans. Writing music has always been a therapy for me. 

One of my oldest friends, S, has been pursuing music his entire life and I admire him for that. We have been friends since we were 5 and even then I knew he was going to be a star. His mom was my choir teacher for almost 5 years and she taught me practically everything I know about music. S is always telling me to move back to California and go back to singing and sometimes I seriously just want to pack up because singing for me is something I truly feel myself with along with fashion. 

My advice for everyone follow your dreams no matter what anyone says. I remember being in high school and I felt like I was practically the only person who was 100% sure what I wanted to study in college and I have been one of the only one of my high school friends who has stuck with it and to me that is really special because when you know you love something always stick with that and follow that dream and passion you have.

S always stuck with his dream and is going to be someone who you will hear everywhere before we know it! Dreams should always be pursued if they make you happy and your truly passionate about that dream. Don't let others influence your dreams do what makes you happy. 

Until next time... Live stylishly

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