Give your stress wings and let it fly away

So with the holidays just around the corner and finals slowly creeping closer stress is a part of my daily life I feel like. Not only am I dealing with a full class load but I work about 25 hours a week and remembering I go to an art school which means the homework is about 50 times more in depth than normally. So me and stress have become best friends practically. I am sure that I am not alone with this.

So how does one remain stylish under stress and agony?

Well many of you probably have your own ways to remain calm and collect, but we all have our moments when we just want to let out a huge scream or sit down and have a good cry. I know for me the best therapy for stress is shopping, which I am sure for every stylista out there is thiers as well. 

Tonight marked the opening night of the 2010 basketball season. Now I am a huge basketball fan and have been since as long as I can remember, which many people would never believe as I don't flaunt my sports love ha.  After a long stressful weekend and discovering 90210 and melrose place were reruns I was pumped to watch the opening game! I actually made a healthy dinner and got to relax for a few hours and watch my beloved lakers beat the Clippers in a close but good game. 

Now  normally this would not be my stress reliever, but of course some online shopping was included in my relaxing evening. Purchasing jewled studded ballet flats online was the perfect ending to one of the first relaxing nights I've had in a very long time.

So my question is, are your normal stress relievers really relieving stress or is doing something out of the ordinary actually even better? I don't know about you, but I'm begining to think changing up the normal things we do once in awhile is actually the best therapy of all!

Until next time... Live stylishly