Colors Follow The Changes of the Emotions.

So being a girl nail polish has been something I have loved since before I could even paint my own nails or toes. I remember going with my mom to the nail salon when I was little and loved looking at the loads of nail polish on those roll arounds and wanting to try on every color imaginable. I remember begging my mom in stores to buy me nail polish and then having her paint the crazy wild colors on when we got home.

A funny flashback is when I was 7 or 8 years old I remember having a bright blue glitter polish that was probably my favorite color ever! Well one night when my mom was out and my dad was home waytching my sister and I, I decided to whip out the bright blue polish in my bathroom and paint my nails, well somehow the nail polish spilt all over the bathroom and onto to the carpet and was a huge disaster, we had to spend a ton of money to remove my loved blue nail polish from the carpet and walls, needless to say I had to part with my precious polish and that was the last time my mom bought me any bright polish for awhile. I definitely learned my lesson after that, never paint ur nails on an unsteady surface or anywhere near carpet ha.

Well now being almost 20 I have come a long way since my blue polish spilling days and working in a beauty place I am surroiunded by the urges to purchase every nail polish color ever made. Many of you know that my recent love is Chanel's "Jade: polish which I searched all over for, calling numerous states and cities to find this one of a kind color introduced to me by none other than the imfamous B. I found my Jade polish and have been sporting it ever since. Its the perfect accessory to the ultimate fall wardrobe. I have always been the girl to wear the bright neon colors, mainly because being so fair skinned they don't wash me out! Essie's "Punchy Pink" is one of my favorite nail colors ever! Essie is great for bright neon colors and are always a fun option!

As far as toe polish, I was always a bright colored person until a recent trip to the nail salon with my mom, I was convinceed to try a dark polish, at first I was skeptical but now I am in love and am all for dark colors. I just had a pedi today and used my new OPI color "Lincoln Park At Midnight" its a dark purple and is absolutely gorgeous! Another favorite is OPI's "Pamplona Purple" from their Espana collection, that entire collection is gorg but that particular color is one my favorites! So I could probably go on all day about nail polish colors but I will stop at those colors and leave the rest up to your imagination!

Until next time... Live stylishly

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