It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

So if you know me, Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays, so I am SO glad that it's finally over and we can now move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which happen to be my ALL TIME favorite holidays ever! Christmas time for me brings me back to my childhood where I would count down the days my family and I would go out and buy our christmas tree and my dad would bring out all the boxes of Christmas decorations and we would all open up the boxes and decorate the house, with my mom's approval of course! haha

Well those were always my favorite times and I always felt a connection with my family, especially my mom because it was a tradition that we did every year no matter what, always the day after Thanksgiving all those boxes came out of storage and the sparkles and garland and ornaments glittered from their cases and await to be put on the gorgeous Christmas tree that stands tall in my living room.

Well now that I live on my own, I am now able to make my own traditions and get to buy my own decorations and turn my apartment into a winter wonderland, well not literally, but in my mind. I am so excited to visit all my favorite home stores and buy decorations to create my Winter Wonderland.

Winter time is another one of my favorite seasons! I love to bundle up in skinny's and my boots and a warm scarf and coat and walk around outside and enjoy the beautiful crisp cold air! While living in Colorado I was lucky enough to have a real winter and actually get to experience this. While I no longer live there, I cherish those times I got to sit by the fire with my girlfriends and drink hot cocoa and take in the beautiful Christmas tree and Colorado snow.

My friend B, reminded me of the Holiday cups at Starbuck's which actually come out tomorrow, which makes it feel even more like Christmas! The outdoor mall by my house is already decorated with wreathes and lights and decorations and looks amazing at night! I can't wait to go drive around and see all the houses with lights and decorations oh so very soon! I love walking around the malls and department stores such as Nordstrom and Saks and seeing how beautifully decorated the stores are!

I can't believe it is already November 3, and before we know it, Thanksgiving will be over and it will already be Christmas! I am oh so excited and can't wait to write future blogs about how my decorating comes along and all the exciting things happening this holiday season!

What are your favorite memories of the holidays?

Until next time... live stylishly :)