Dare To Be Different.

So as many of you know, this blog was basically created to give tips on how to be stylish, yet I kind of write about everything, so this entry is actually going to be tips on of course what else fashion! Last night I was able to attend a Fashion Group International Event titled "Secrets of a Vintage Shopper", now I am student member and have been unable to attend many of the events, but this event was actually for my night class on Thursdays so it was even better!

The event was located at the founder of Ford Models, Robert Black's new vintage clothing shop in Scottsdale. He opened this shop about a month ago and it is probably one of the coolest stores I have been to in a long time. It is located in Downtown Scottsdale, so the buildings are historic and it is the perfect setting for a unique vintage shop as Fashion by Robert Black is. Basically it is Robert and his business partner Doreen's own collection that they have brought into this store  and sell. He has everything, and by everything I really do mean everything! He has clothing dated all the way back to the 1940s and they are remarkable pieces.

Robert and Doreen gave a short presentation of why they began this store and how it came about, and listening to their stories was really something I have never experienced. I feel so at home when it comes to fashion, and hearing about someone who has that same passion and is even more experienced really hits close to home with me, and reassures me that I am doing the best thing with my life.
Robert and Doreen gave us tips on how to be the greatest vintage shopper, so I thought I would share those tips with my readers because to be the ultimate stylista, shopping tips are a must!

So here are the tips Robert and Doreen say are a must know when vintage shopping:
The very first thing they both said is you have to have fun when your looking! If you don't have fun then what is the point in shopping for vintage!

  1. Collect what catches your eye!
  2. Follow your intuition, if it catches your eye or you are attracted to it, try it on! You have nothing to lose!
  3. Don't be alarmed if it doesn't fit! They told us that when these clothes were worn they had corsets underneath and were basically shoved into these items even if they didn't fit.
  4. A size 14 may be a size 2 so never judge a vintage clothing item by its size, every item is different!
  5. Think it through, if you can't stop thinking about this one Vintage Chanel blazer, for example, it probably means you need it!
  6. Finally, you have to search things out! You can't go into one store and expect to find everything, you got to search and have an open mind, because something you might not normally think you'll like, may be the next outfit you wear to a party!

Robert and Doreen gave some really amazing advice on not only vintage shopping but about fashion. Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Vintage shopping is something fun and new that every stylista should be doing! Fashion by Robert Black is the next big shop in Scottsdale, I know it! So if you live in Arizona, this is a definite must see shop!

Until next time.... live stylishly