10 items every stylista must have!

So lately, I have been OBSESSED with Rachel Zoe and her tv show on Bravo. The other day I was online and found a list of her 10 must have items for every fashionista's wardrobe. I love Rachel Zoe because she can take the most basic clothing item and make it so fashionable! So here is the list of her 10 must have items and my comments on them :

1. The perfect pair of sunglasses: yes every women should have a fabulous par of sunglasses to shield them from the sun yet still look stylish. Ray Bans are my FAVORITE right now

2. Cocktail Ring- I am OBSESSED with this item just because it is the most fabulous item that can be worn everyday and you can have multiple of them! Juicy Couture or Betsey Johnson are great choices!

3. Statement Necklace- This is probably Rachel Zoe's biggest thing she is known for big and bold necklaces! Forever 21 has the best options!

4. Ankle Boot-  I love love this! I bought the cutest pair of purple ones from DSW and I am in LOVE with them!

5. Metallic Pump- You can NEVER go wrong with a bold pair of pumps :)

6. Cape or Poncho- This is something I have not bought yet, because I'm not sure I would get enough use out of it in Arizona but its something I am SERIOUSLY considering purchasing.

7. Leggings- This is something EVERY girl should have in her wardrobe. Leggings are the easiest things to dress up or down. I love them! Forever 21 again is the best option for buying multiple of them!

8. Trench coat- I love coats, and I have too many to count and a trenchcoat is always the best option!

9. Tuxedo Vest- I want one these so bad! I think its such a classic item!

10. Blazer- I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE! like a blazer is one of the items every women should have in her closet. Bird by Juicy Couture has the most amazing blazer I want that I saw on the Rachel Zoe Report and even if its $600 I still LOVE It!

So now you know Rachel Zoe's ten items every stylista has to have! Now go out and buy every item and report back!

Until then Live stylishly....