Dreams are necessary to life.

So I met up with an old friend yesterday and he asked me if I was still pursuing my dream in fashion. This stuck with me because I have wanted to pursue my dream of fashion since I was 8 years old and even someone who I havent seen in almost 2 years remembered how passionate I was about fashion. 

So I decided to write about dreams and how important it is to always follow your dreams because you may regret it later on down the road.

Another one of my passions has always been music. Music and fashion are therapy to me and hearing a good song is the best medicine as buying a fabulous new pair of shoes or a great pair of jeans. Writing music has always been a therapy for me. 

One of my oldest friends, S, has been pursuing music his entire life and I admire him for that. We have been friends since we were 5 and even then I knew he was going to be a star. His mom was my choir teacher for almost 5 years and she taught me practically everything I know about music. S is always telling me to move back to California and go back to singing and sometimes I seriously just want to pack up because singing for me is something I truly feel myself with along with fashion. 

My advice for everyone follow your dreams no matter what anyone says. I remember being in high school and I felt like I was practically the only person who was 100% sure what I wanted to study in college and I have been one of the only one of my high school friends who has stuck with it and to me that is really special because when you know you love something always stick with that and follow that dream and passion you have.

S always stuck with his dream and is going to be someone who you will hear everywhere before we know it! Dreams should always be pursued if they make you happy and your truly passionate about that dream. Don't let others influence your dreams do what makes you happy. 

Until next time... Live stylishly