Out With the Old.... In With the New

So yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the Barney's New York grand opening at Fashion Square. I went with my extremely fashion forward friend, B. who was in just as much awe as I was. Walking into the new wing of the mall and seeing the crowds of people walking and shopping and buying all the hottest new fall fashions at not only Barney's but everywhere from Forever 21 to Anthropologie was a satisfying feeling :) I have been into a Barney's before in Las Vegas and was in awe when I walked through the store just looking at all the gorgeous shoes and bags and dresses, and yet even though I couldn't afford those gorgeous items at this moment in my life I hope to one day be able to buy them all!

I then got to thinking how the greatest pair of Miu Miu Wedges or a fabulous Chloe tote is sort of like a man. A man can be an amazing pair of Jimmy Choo flats or completely terrible like a pair of heels that just don't cut it. You know when you meet that perfect guy who is fantastic beyond words, is like  finding the most amazing unexplainable pair of J Brand skinny jeans that you have been searching around for months. But when a guy breaks your heart or does something to totally make you kick him to the curb is like your finding your absolute favorite Ella Moss cardigan with a huge snag in it or your favorite Joe's Jeans completely fraying at the bottom and becoming impossible to wear.

So when it comes to men, are your favorite items replaceable like replacing your so called "dream man" after he totally breaks your heart? I say YES! Any man who wants to disrespect a women or break their heart is like having to let go of your favorite item of clothing, even if it seems as though its the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in your life.

Well I have news for all you stylistas out there, men are replaceable just like that favorite pair of jeans or cardigan that you never thought you could live without, but you CAN. The best part about having to deal with a breakup or heartbreak is shopping is always the best therapy and comparing men to fashion is always the best way to go!

So until next time.... live stylishly