One Year of a Stylish Life!

Today marks the day, that one year ago "Live Your Life Stylishly" was started!

What began as a "online journal" has turned into something bigger than I ever expected! With my first post, Love Is A Battlefield, losing the "so called" love of your life, to my one of oh so many nail polish posts, I have come a long way from the days of depressing posts, to now my personal must have items to even a post about me cooking cupcakes

Now I have written over 80 posts, with more written every day, I have frequent visitors, 2,712 to be exact! I've got to say that this "online journal" has become so much more!

Doors have been opened with opportunities that I would have only dreamed of over a year ago, and I can confidently say that my future is in fashion blogging! I do have one special person to thank though for getting me started, B! She started her blog about a year ago as well, and really inspired me to start my own. She is an incredible writer and is going to be big, bigger than she already is! ha! So thanks B, for being such a great inspiration for me! I am honored to be your friend and fellow blogger!

So here is to one year of stylish posts and to many more to come!

So until next time... Live Stylishly