Repéré: Gossip Girl à Paris

Gossip Girl finally returned last night and it brought me back to my summer trip to Paris. I have been waiting a long 3 months for the return of my all time favorite show, and I wasn't one bit dissapointed! 

Blair and Serena were nothing short of fashionable and the clothes were to die for this episode! Seeing all the coveted places I visited just a short 2 months ago made me super excited! I was literally in awe of the clothes, as if I am not any other episode! So many of my questions were finally answered, and I literally can't wait for next week's episode! They even incorporated Fashion's Night Out in New York in the episode :) Here are some pictures from the season 4 premiere!

all photos credit The CW
Ah how I wish I could be back in Paris shopping in Chanel!

So until next time... Live Stylishly