My Current Obsessions

So as many of you know, I have a serious obsession with shopping and recently nail color, thanks to my wonderful friend B, who inspired me to start stepping outside of the box and try colors other than bright pink ha. She has also helped me invest in clothing that I can wear for more than 3 months, unlike myself who tends to buy Forever 21 clothing, that isn't meant to last more than a few times. So I finally found the perfect pair of J Brand skinny jeans a few weeks back and have been inseparable with them ever since. I also got them at an amazing price at Nordstrom Rack, which made me even happier! They are dark wash skinnys which are just so comfortable and basically go with every outfit imaginable!

Another obsession is boots! I have been looking for months for the perfect pair of boots and I finally found them on the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. I love Piperlime and I love that Rachel Zoe partners with them, so while I was looking I found a pair of Steve Madden black boots that Rachel Zoe picked out for Piperlime and I knew from that moment on that those were my dream boots, and even better I got 20% off the price which made me even more sure about that purchase! I have already worn them twice and gotten multiple compliments on them so I am 100% sure that they were the best purchase!

My third obsession is nail color. Now I have written many posts about my favorite colors or current colors I am wearing but I figured whats' the harm in compiling them all together! I work at ULTA so I am always in the know about what new colors are out and what colors I have to have! I love OPI colors because they always have a new collection out almost every season, and the colors get even more fantastic than before! The OPI Christmas Collection has been my most favorite of them all, I practically own every color! Nicole by OPI is another brand that is amazing as well as Essie and Lippmann which I love too. Of course Chanel's Jade is included in there as well as Dior, who probably has the most slick colors of them all! My favorites by OPI are Visions of Sugarplum, Pamplona Purple, Lincoln Park After Midnight, Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, Dazzled By Gold, and so many more that I could write a book on!

So this Christmas season, when you are picking out your outfits for all the fashionable events your invited to, remember these obsessions of mine and create your own obsession to be the ultimate stylista!

Happy Holidays!

Until next time... Live Stylishly