Love generously, praise loudly, live fully

So I was reading the newest issue of Glamour magazine a few days ago and there was an article titled "Why Love is Harder in the Winter" well obviously that caught my attention and it stated how the weather in the winter makes it harder for relationships to stay fresh and new. Well living in arizona I don't necessarily see how that's a problem. Taking from my past relationship, the weather or time of year doesn't have anything to do with it, its the couple and how much they are willing to work to make it a lasting healthy relationship.

My ex and I had a good relationship in the begining and with time and certain issues things started going downhill, but being a young girl in love I refused to open my eyes and see that being with him wasn't the best thing for me anymore. Being only nineteen years old I'm no expert on love and probably never will be but I hope I can share my experiences and possibly relate to other girls out there that may be dealing with similar situations. I was with the same person since I was 16 years old, he was there for me through every major change in my life and to this day it hurts that I am no longer with him, because he was truly the only person who understood me and who I was as a person and as many of you know that's extremely hard to find these days. 

Things were perfect in my eyes and when things got hard between us I always wanted to take the blame and fix it because I loved him so much. I now know, doing that isn't healthy putting everything in to one person, but at the same time I didn't know anything else. I grew up in a town where everyone is paired off at young ages and that is how it is. You get married young and follow the norm of everyone else around you. I naturally did this as well and it ended up being really bad in the end. I know so many more things now than I did prior to this major breakup of my life, but I still wish there were things I could change and have done differently.

With the holidays coming up, times are really tough on me. Christmas time was my ex's and I's anniversary and was a special time for us, since we met during Christmas and for not only me but every couple the holidays are a special sacred time. It is hard being single and still dealing with the emotional side of a tough breakup and not having that significant other to lean on can be extremely hard. 

So my reason for writing this blog is not to be depressing but to really offer advice to girls who are dealing with similar situations. I was recommended a book ironically called "Why Men Love Bitches", and no its not about becoming a bitch, its about how to stand your ground in a relationship and with men in general. It is one of the greatest books I have ever read and really gives the best advice and tips on how to become an independent women, and I 100% recommend it to every women out there no matter what age you are. It is amazing!!

Don't put everything into one person, that person nor can you handle that pressure. You both need to have your own individual lives but come together and certain times. Women who are independent are more attractive to men and a self sufficient person is always more attractive than a needy one. I definitely have learned that the hard way, but it is one of the best lessons I have learned over the last few months.

Having a good solid group of friends is also a very important thing as well. Having positive people around you and supporting you are the best therapy of all. Being confident with yourself is also another important factor. 

So I hope that these tips can help all you stylista's out there dealing with any type of relationship issues. I hope you all have a stylish Thanksgiving and I can't wait to hear all about your turkey day!

Until next time.... Live Stylishly