My Wish List

So with Christmas right around the corner, I know that many of you stylista's out there have major wish lists, I know I do! Of course some of my wishes are not always realistic ones, but hey its worth the shot! I am a perfume addict, almost as bad as my nail polish addiction! I asked for many different types of perfumes including Miss Dior Cherie and the Chloe Perfume. Many of the gifts I bought were actually perfume because you can never go wrong! I also asked for an Apple iTouch, because I have Verizon now and an iPhone isn't an option, so the iTouch will do just perfect for me :) I also asked for gift cards to Nordstrom, so I can buy some of my favorite Hudson and JBrand Jeans! I have absolutely fallen in love with my current pair of J Brand jeans thanks to my lovely friend B!

I also am dying for stuff for my new condo that I am going to be moving into very soon, and I can't wait to go shopping at none other than Home Goods for the perfect accessories and Ikea for a new dining table and possibly a new couch! I love the holidays because I can be so wishful for things that I can't necessarily get throughout the year! I will be in LA for the holidays and of course shopping is on my list, including Melrose and Robertson where Intuition and Kitson are located! I am so excited! I will be doing some major blogging while on the trip so watch for more updates! Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and all your stylish wishes come true!

Until next time... Live Stylishly