Fresh Beginings

So with the holidays over and the new year right around the corner I know many of you including myself are ready for a fresh start. 2010 brings new beginings and a chance to reinvent oneself. Also resolutions come many in response to events that have happened in the prior year. I know that 2009 was an extremely eventful year for myself and my family, and we learned very important life lessons and most importantly how precious life is and living each day to the fullest.

So as far as fashion and being the ultimate stylista, 2010 brings many new things for the fashion world. There are so many trends that I hope will carry on into the new year such as sparkles , boyfriend jeans, blazers, jean leggings, and embellished tops. I personally own all of those trends and want to keep them going after the new year. I will admit that I hope winter stays around because I need plenty of nice weather before the horrific heat comes back to Arizona for a good 4 months.

I always try to set out resolutions for the new year but I always struggle to accomplish all of them so this year I chose to pick two good resolutions and really focus on them. Lucky for me they both coincide with each other which means success is close! I'll let you readers know my progress throughput the next year and possibly share some tips as well. So my advice is to whip out a pen and paper and write down your resolutions because before you know it will already be 2010.

Until next time, live stylishly.