Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right

I love that title quote by Oprah Winfrey, it really does fit perfectly with the new year.

So with 2009 ending in just a few days, I have been thinking a lot about this past year and how tough of a year it has been for not only myself but others around me. I started off the year by taking the big step and moving to Arizona to be closer to my now ex boyfriend. I moved into student housing and started at a brand new school where I only knew my boyfriend at the time. I then made the brave decision to leave student housing and rent my very first apartment alone in a safer area in Arizona. I began my first job since high school and was learning to balance the life of a working adult and full time student.

I then had to do something I always dreaded. I had to fly home to Texas to help my family move out of the house I spent practically my entire life in and had to close the door on a house that had more memories of my life than anywhere and it taught me alot.

I then was faced with probably the hardest thing to ever happen in my life, the person I loved with every ounce of my being walked out of my life and left me to pick up the pieces of what I thought was the perfect life. I had put everything into him and gave him my entire heart and when he left I was nothing and forced to start over on a place where I knew nobody and that is something I never want to do or see someone do ever again. I lost myself in love and at such a young age was what made it harder.

I was then informed that my uncle was diagnosed leukemia and I thought my life was just done. Just as everything was starting to settle in I got the news that my 16 year old sister was diagnosed with melanoma and needed surgury right away to remove the cancer. I then was told that being a blood relative puts me at risk so I'm being watched by a doctor very carefully. Thankfully the doctors removed all the cancer and my sissyer is ok but the scar of having cancer is something I will never fully understand and can't imagine the fear and pain she felt and possibly still feels today.

I realized that this may have been gods way of showing my family how precious and shirt life is and that treausuring each day and ones health is what should be important to everyone.

Throughout this year I truly was taught who my true friends are and who really understands me and those people know who they are and know how thankful I am they are in my life.

My biggest lesson I learned this year and most of you probably know this because I have said it many times but life is too short to focus on things that won't matter tomorrow.

Living each day to what you believe is the fullest is what I will be focusing on in 2010 and years to come. You only live once and living that way is how to be the ultimate stylelista. So live by those words is what I want you readers to take from this entry nothing else.

Until next time, live stylishly.