So Long Sweet Summer....

So today I took my last final which ended my Summer quarter at AIPX. I must say this quarter has been a challenging one. I have been put through some difficult situations that really had a huge effect on the way I acted. With losing the love of my life, to finding out my sister has skin cancer, to then finding out my uncle has leukemia I felt as though I was put through the ringer. I learned alot about myself though and who really does care for and who isn't worth trusting. I got to attend "The September Issue" premiere with girls who I can honestly call my best friends and I created friendships that I can also honestly say will be my friends for a very long time. I challenged myself I feel like too. Normally I would just run away and hide from issues, but this time I was forced to face those issues head on and deal with them. I miss Mike everyday, and these past few days especially have been hard, I miss him more and more everyday so I am trying so hard to take each day as it comes. Tomorrow I fly home to Houston for ten days for the Fall break, its going to be hard because I feel like Texas and Arizona are constant reminders of Mike and our relationship but I guess I just have to try and look past those. I hope someday he and I can get to a place that we can be friends, and right now that isn't possible which hurts more than anything, but I can't force someone to do something they don't want. I have learned in the past seven weeks, that everything does happen for a reason, even if I don't admit it. I wish things were different and I want him back in my life, but I can't get everything I want all the time.

Until next time... live stylishly