Welcome Fall...

So tonight, as I was eating my yummy lasagna, I was thinking of how much I love Fall. Its my favorite season next to summer, because so many exciting things happen in Fall. It leads up to my all time favorite holiday Christmas. While last Fall, I was in a serious relationship, living in Colorado, and basically loving my life, my life today is much different. I am focusing a ton on school and myself and of course fashion. While last year I was living in a place that had four seasons, Arizona is surprising me a ton this year. Arizona is still warm, but to me I still have to embrace my fall fashions. This post is going to list my favorite fall fashion trends, and what I plan on buying while I am home this week. I miss Colorado, as it did have four seasons, but I love Arizona's cool and relaxing enviornment. I miss my life the way it was, but I am starting to slowly accept what I have now.
My favorite places to shop are Nordstrom and Forever 21. I don't get to go to Nordstrom as often as I wish, but when I come home to Houston, my mom and I are always willing to spend half the day just in Nordstrom to find the greatest fashion trends. I also LOVE target, because they have lately had some amazing shoes and clothes that I will always be willing to wear!

These shoes are my favorite! Peep toes but a classic black heel is always a must :)

I am a sucker for cardigans especially Argyle cardigans, I know they sometimes remind you of old ladies, but I am in love with them with the best pair of black flats and a cute paid of skinny jeans. I love that outfit!

This is such an adorable dress with those black heels which would be amazing together :)

Plaid is also back for fall which I love. I love plaid dresses and a nice plaid button down top. I also love that with Fall you can wear darker colors. I love black and brown tops as well as a gorgeous dark purple or dark red. I love this season and I am sure that all of you will love digging out all your past season boots and jeans and finally pack away your shorts until next summer! yay

Until next time.... Live Stylishly :)