A Stylish Look Back at 2016

Wow, who can believe that tomorrow is the final day of 2016. This year has been one for the books. I don't even know where to begin. To start can you believe that 2017 will be my 8th year blogging!? The time has literally flown by and I have no idea how it has gotten this long, I am so eternally grateful for each and every reader that comes to this site and actually listens to my rambling and enjoys it, I would not be here without you. 2016 came with a lot of changes like leaving my job of nearly 3 years to start something completely new and it has been the most amazing change I could have asked for. I stood by one of my closest friends side as she said "I Do" and got to partake in the most amazing celebration ever. Finally after years of wanting a dog of my own I adopted Henry, my little furball who has changed my life for the better. 2016 has been one for the books and I'm not sure how 2016 is going to match up but I am excited to see what the future holds. In honor of such an amazing year, I want to take a little walk down memory lane and share of my other big moments from 2016. Thank you to each and everyone single person who has been by my side this past year, I could not have done it without y'all!

1. I kicked off the year by hosting a bridal shower for my girlfriend Charlotte. It was the perfect beach inspired shower complete with tea and games! 

2. February was the month of awards shows and my Oscar recap was probably one of my favorites:

3. I traveled to San Diego for Memorial Day Weekend to celebrate Charlotte's Bachelorette!

4. My site got a major makeover and I started a new job which is still going amazing!

5. I turned 26 this year and celebrated with a beach party with all my favorite people!

6. After three years of working in the real estate industry I decided I wanted to get my real estate license, so I "went back to school" this year!

7. I headed off to Maryland to celebrate Labor Day and my two friends finally tying the knot!

8. This little corner of the internet I call my blog turned 7 years old this year!

9. I headed to New York with my travel pal Olivia and spent the weekend in the city living it up!

10. A lot of people don't know but on the side I am actually a graphic designer and getting to design my first set of wedding invitations was one of my favorite things I have designed.

Of course I couldn't forget the endless amounts of outfits shared, must have lists, nail polish collections and more! Thanks to every single photographer who has helped me this year, this wouldn't have been possible without you. Below are my favorite outfits of the year!
So as you can tell 2016 has been an unforgettable year! I can't say it enough but thank you to every person who has been with me through the good and bad times, you make me who I am today! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. See you in the new year!

So until next time... Live Stylishly