Stylish Spring 2014 Fashion Ad Campaigns

Miley Cyrus looks fierce!
 How could you not know those eyebrows... Cara Delevingne (this also happens to be my favorite ad so far!)
I almost didn't recognize Rihanna, she looks stunning!
 Doesn't Elle Fanning look so grown up?!
Lady Gaga is gorgeous!
all images credit: Harper's Bazaar

While most of the country might still be in winter mode, here in SoCal its practically summer here, and trust me this does not make me happy, we skipped completely over winter and went right back to summer. Well even though its still a tad early, that doesn't mean spring isn't on my mind which means new fashion collections and of course new fashion ad campaigns. As I do every season, here is my round up of the best Spring 2014 fashion ad campaigns. You might recognize a few of the faces too, as a few famous celebs are featured! At least this can bring you east coasters some thought of warm weather in the future! Which ad is your favorite?
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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