A Stylish Happy Birthday to My Mom!

Today marks the day that the most amazing women I have ever known turns a milestone birthday. My mom turns the big 5-0 today and words cannot explain the love I have for her. She is the most amazing, strong willed, determined, hard working, and down right spectacular mom and human being I have ever met. She is the one person who no matter what will always have my back and support me through thick and thin, and never is afraid to tell me the truth and tells me the things others are too afraid to tell me. She has the biggest heart of anyone and I can say is my best friend in the entire world. She has raised my sister and I to be exactly like her and I wouldn't change that for anything. She doesn't look a day over 25 (literally) and today marks the day that we celebrate how amazing of a women she is and how she has blessed this earth for half a century. Happy Birthday Mommy! I love you more than life itself!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. Aww, happy bday to your mom!