Stylish New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Beauty Recap

I think Fashion Week is as much about the fashion as it is about the beauty trends that are shown. I always look forward to seeing the latest nail trends and what makeup I'll need to buy for the upcoming seasons. Spring 2013 is no different and of course I am obsessed with so many of the trends. It's all about minimalist for spring, but also emphasizing one area (like neon colored liner) and really minimal everywhere else, which is basically excatly what I do now so I can't wait to continue this trend. Hair was all about the braids, and I must admit I am OBSESSED because braids are my go to hair style. Nails were all about extravagant designs and out of this world color, something I again can relate too. See my wrap up of the hair, nails, and makeup trends seen at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013. 
all photos credit Lucky Magazine
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So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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  1. I love all those hairstyles!! I am just so lazy/unable that I barely ever do anything with my hair anymore. I should start braiding it again :)
    (and don't get me started on makeup, I do one thing because it's easy and what the lady at the Chanel counter taught me, ha ha)