Stylish DIY: Multi Colored Sand Filled Vase

My mom who like myself is not always crafty, likes to try new projects and this one was no exception.  My mom's whole theme for the house is "beach living" so this vase filled with multi-colored sand is not only easy but super stylish and super affordable. See below how to make this adorable vase!

What you'll need:
1 Clear Vase (any size you want)
Depending on the size of the vase bags of decor sand (we bought four 28 oz bags in the colors of our choice)
1 bag of decor seashells to garnish the top
1. After cleaning the vase and making sure its entirely dry, take your first bag of colored sand and pour into the vase. Make sure its all even before you pour the next bag in. 
2. Take the next colored sand and pour it in and repeat until you have enough sand.
3. Take seashells and place them on the top to your liking, then garnish with a starfish.
4. Voila! Your done and have a great creative looking vase for your mantel! 
Easy enough?!
So until next time.... Live Stylishly


  1. This is really pretty!


  2. this looks amazing!
    I definitely need to try it!

    Xoxo Lil

  3. Woo! It came out so great! I remember doing those when I was little, never thought to actually use it in real life ;)