Stylish Summer Must Have: The Perfect Hat

Yesterday, I talked about how to protect your skin by using the right products with SPF in them and I realized that all those years my mom told me to wear a hat, she was actually right. Especially for someone as fair as me, putting my face directly in the sun probably isn't the wisest move, so either sitting in the shade or wearing a hat is a great alternative. Luckily, there are tons of cute hats that I can still look stylish in as I am working on my tan (protected of course). I was given a fedora last year from my best friend on my birthday and I love it, so I know that I can grow my hat collection with these perfect choices that won't cost me a fortune either!
Stylish Summer Hats
1. Bronze Cut Out Oversize Unstructured Hat $45, Topshop
2. Large Brim Women's Hat $17, Tilly's
3.Sun Hat, $28, Nordstrom
4. Fedora Hat $20, Delias
5.BKE Beaded Cowboy Hat $20, The Buckle
So until next time... Live Stylishly