Stylish Easter Weekend Recap

Can you believe it's already Monday and the last week of April! This months just FLEW by and its getting that much closer to summer and graduation! YAY! I hope everyone had a exciting Easter weekend, I know I did. I got the opportunity to meet my family down in San Diego for a mini vacation in one of my most favorite cities in California (next to LA of course!) My little sister will be attending San Diego State in the fall and so we go to sort of make a trip out of her needing to take a math placement test in order to register for classes in the fall! I had never been able to visit the campus before and I must say its gorgeous! While I did go to a University for a semester, I wasn't there long enough to enjoy the life of a real college student (100% my choice though) and I must say it looks pretty awesome! SDSU is a gorgeous campus and I am so excited that my sister gets to go there!

When in San Diego, it is sort of  must to either visit Sea World or the Zoo, and my family chose the zoo! We spent Good Friday walking around the gorgeous 100 acre property where I got to see some of the most endangered animals along with some of the cutest little things ever! Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend! Now it's time to get back to work, I can already feel summer in my hands!
He was totally posing for me!
This grizzly bear was quite the model :)
definitely my future husband :)
my sister and I posing with some super sexy cat :)

Until next time... Live Stylishly