Stylish Shocker: Lady Gaga for Thierry Mulger

Unless you are living on another planet, you are somewhat aware of the Lady Gaga phenomenon! I happen to find her fascinating, her out of this world fashion choices and lifestyle choices, are just plain fascinating to me. Yesterday, as I sat in my least favorite class, I got to watch the Thierry Mulger show where Gaga herself made her catwalk debut as she walked the show in the designer's latest Fall 2011 collection. A modern day barbie as I called her, Gaga looked shocking as ever with long blonde pigtails and wore a sheer long white dress. The collection was clearly based on Lady Gaga's style as her latest single "Born This Way" played in the background. I won't lie the collection wasn't exactly what I expected but it definitely is Gaga-esque. With lots of sheer and long dresses there was even some latex looking pieces that reminded me of that interview Gaga did with Anderson Cooper recently. Ring any bells? Well the pictures really say it all so I thought I would share some looks from the show! It was definitely a interesting way to start off Paris Fashion Week!

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So until next time... Live Stylishly