Stylish Sneak Peak: Spring Lusts

While in some parts of the country it might still be winter but here in the valley it is sunny and beautiful! With all this sun, its making me get excited for Spring and tempting me to break out my sandals and sundresses, especially since at work we are getting in so many spring items! While this won't be my official spring wish list, I wanted to share a few items I am lusting over for the warmer weather that is to come!
Charlie Jade "Marie" Dress $98 from Nordstrom
Animal Print Dress $55 from Lulu's
Obey Disco Pink and Red Top $47 from Lulu's

Have a stylish weekend everyone!
Until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. I was just swooning over some Spring pieces today! All the bright colors have me so excited! Unfortunately they're calling for snow later on this week in Tennessee! Ugh... A girl can still dream though. :) xo


  2. LOVE that Charlie Jade dress! GORGE!!!