Stylish Premiere: American Idol Season 10

If you know my well, you know that besides fashion singing is my other true passion. While I have never had enough courage to go audition I definitely give props to those who get the courage to audition for the be all the end all show, American Idol. I watched the show early on but stopped and last night I decided to start again as the 10th season began.
This season is completely different because Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler along with Randy Jackson are now the infamous idol judges. These three create a dynamic so different than what it was before and from what I saw it is going to be an incredible season. While not every audition was a success there were some that blew me away along with judges! I can't wait to see how each contestant progresses and who takes that coveted title. Of course I had to include fashion somewhere and I was sort of amazed by Jennifer Lopez's fashion's on the shows. She definitely stands being surrounded by men! Who do you think is the next American Idol? Any guesses? I think that Jersey girl might have a shot! I think the funniest person was the guy who sang "Party in the USA" CLASSIC!
So until next time... Live Stylishly