Stylish Author: Lo Bosworth

If you read my post last Friday, you saw I included a picture of Lo Bosworth promoting her first book, The Lo-Down and of course I couldn't wait to share a review of the book with all my readers! I am so excited that my 2 favorite hill's stars are now authors! Lo's book is definitely a must read. The book is all about relationships and Lo offering her advice on how to keep a healthy relationship. Lo is no stranger to drama and has a lot of insight she shares in this must have book! Even Lauren Conrad is a fan!

Of course she should be since she and Lo have been best friends since elementary school! The Lo-Down stands apart because of its positive message. She not only offers relationship advice but general life advice and her message is incredible! One of my favorite quotes from the book is,"When you change yourself in order to create a comfortabe fitting relationship, its bound to fail from day one" Those words really stuck with me because we all are guilty of changing ourselves in order to get a guy to like us and how many times have those relationships lasted? Normally not very long! I definitely recommend this book to everyone out there. 

Lo knows what she's talking about and the book is addicting! What is even better is that she has a website that you can advice anytime you want, even after you finish the book! So hurry and get your copy of this stylish must have read!
Take it from me, Lo’s insight into relationships feels like advice from a girlfriend.”--Lauren Conrad, bestselling author of L.A. CANDY
So until next time... Live Stylishly