Stylish Organization Tip: Nail Polish

This weekend my nail polish collection grew quickly in just a matter of days. My amazing friend, B, surprised me with a "thank you" gift that was a Deborah Lippmann "All that Jazz" trio with 3 amazing sparkle colors that are to die for! I was soo excited to add them to my collection. Along with those three colors, I also finally received my Katy Perry Collection that I ordered so many weeks ago. With these 7 new colors, my basket that I was using to hold all my colors finally outgrew itself. So I started researching the best ways to hold my 95 and counting and then it came to me, I can use something I already have! A plastic 3 drawer rolling cart. It is perfect way to hold all my polishes and it has 3 drawers so if I grow out one drawer I can just continue on to the next drawer! It is a perfect option that is inexpensive and is easily accessible! Check out my collection below!
The 3 drawer rolling cart can be found at Target for only 20 bucks!
This is the Katy Perry Black Shatter over "The One That Got Away" all by OPI

So until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. Just got three new nail polishes today too & I need help organizing them! thanks for the tip! :) xo