Stylish Experience: OPI Gel Manicure #2

So with all the craziness of the holidays and finals, I didn't have time to get a mani/ped before my trip to SoCal, so the day after Christmas my sister and I decided to spend the morning pampering ourselves. Since I arrived here I have changed my nail polish twice, so a manicure was definitely needed! If you remember, back in October I tried the OPI Gel Manicure and while I liked the manicure itself, I was really disappointed with the color choice, so I ended up taking it off 4 days later and swore to never get one again until the colors were darker.

Well I chose to get it done again this time using my new favorite OPI color "Russian Navy" and I must say I am in love! Happy Nails and Spa in Huntington Beach is so amazing! The lady who did the manicure was awesome as well! The color is expected to last 2 weeks, which is way longer than I normally keep a color on but we will see! I must say I recommend this salon and this manicure to anyone! I would suggest going with a darker color because the color is slightly lighter since its gel! This is definitely stylelista approved! Check out some pictures of my experience :)
Until next time... Live Stylishly