Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture

So along with my nail polish addiction and clothing addiction, I am addicted to perfume! I literally own like 15 bottles and my dresser is filled with various bottles of great smelling perfume. With my job at Ulta, I am always smelling the newest scents coming out and one of my favorites is Juicy Couture. I own the classic Juicy, Viva La Juicy and Couture Couture and when I saw in the latest Marie Claire magazine that they are coming out with another new fragrance, I jumped at the fact to add to my collection. 

photo credit: Juicy Couture

Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture is the line's fourth fragrance and from the samples I have smelled, its going to be yet another knockout! The advertisements are of course mind blowing. With the Baroque feel with Marie Antoinette in the background, I literally can't wait until this new scent is in stores this September! This is a scent that is stylelista approved!

So until next time... Live Stylishly

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