Shoes make the women.

While I was in Paris this summer, I obviously did some intense shopping but one of the most memorable places I visited (besides Chanel of course) was Christian Louboutin. I expected this store to be a huge store in the heart of the city, since this designer started in Paris, but I was much surprised that his store is located in a part of the city that unless you were looking for it you wouldn't find. These shoes have only been around since 1991, which again also surprised me. The store is extremely small probably less than 1,000 square feet but the ambience and the experience makes up for it! 

My sister was lucky enough to get the last pair of Classic Nude pumps in the entire store, which just so happened to be in her size, meant to be? I say yes! What I love about Louboutin's is that the signature red sole, was created by complete accident. Christian said his shoes lacked the energy he wanted, so he applied red nail polish to the soles and thus the signature shoe was born! He also said, "I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered."

I for one think he accomplished that and MUCH more :)

So until next time.... Live Stylishly