It's not over until I say it is...."A"

So ABC Family is known for putting out some pretty amazing shows from Greek, to Secret Life, to my newest summer obsession, Pretty Little Liars. This show like my other favorite, Gossip Girl, is based, upon a series of books, and is Summer 2010's hottest new show. Based on 4 teenage girls, Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily, who's clique falls apart after the death of their queen bee friend Alison. One year later, they all receive messages from someone using the name of "A" threatening to expose their secrets, ones that only Alison knew. Besides this show being addictive among people of all ages, the fashion is to DIE for. What first caught my eye was the girls had a different nail polish color almost every scene. But with each weeks episode I am more and more impressed by the fashion choices of every character, but especially one, Aria Montgomery (yes the one who is in love with her English teacher!)

Aria (Lucy Hale) was on the front page of WhoWhatWear this past Tuesday showing off her signature Aria style of flat heeled boots, edgy jewelry, or above the knee socks. Aria always is the risk taker on the show wearing something eclectically assembled involving layers, prints, and tons of accessories. While all the girls have amazing style, Aria is always the one catching my eye.

photo credit: WhoWhatWear and ABC Family


  1. I love pretty little liars!!! Lucy is adorable.. I remember her from that old CW show.

  2. yah on privileged! she was soo good too!