Travel In Style

So with summertime means traveling by plane, car, boat, or even bus in some cases! I always feel like I should be comfortable when traveling, especially since I will be on an 8 hour flight to Europe and stay cute and comfortable is at times a challenge. I am a frequent flyer and have learned many stylish tips on how to travel in style and yet still maintain comfort. You always see these celebrities walking through airports looking so chic and still relaxed, so I did some observing and figured out exactly how they do it!

The first item I feel is a must have for traveling is a great stylish oversized tote such as my all-time favorite Longchamp bags. They go with everything and are perfect for your chic laptop and reading material. They come in multiple sizes so if you need an extra large one, Longchamp has you covered!

I am an avid ballet flats person, so my shoe of choice, next to a perfect summer sandal, is a great flat! Tory Burch and Jeffrey Campbell are my current favorites, and the perfect shoe of choice for a day of travel. Paired with a great pair of skinny jeans and a cute top is a relaxed yet still stylish outfit for traveling. Dakota Fanning pairs J Brands with Tory Burch Jelly Flats!
If you are leaving the country, keeping your passport safe is a must! We don't want to be like Carrie Bradshaw in SATC2 and leave it at some store. I suggest getting a chic passport case like this one I saw in InStyle by Anya Hindmarch's metallic case that makes it easy to find and wiz through customs!
If you are like me packing toiletries is always the most annoying part of packing, which is why we all leave it last! I have learned that buying empty containers and filling them with my own products is the way to go! Bobbi Brown offers containers in all sizes for all your toiletries, and they are only 10 bucks!
We hate to admit it, but the planes get entirely too cold at times, and if you are like me using those nasty blankets they provide is a definite no. Invest in a cashmere wrap which is half blanket half outfit makers!
Well their you have it, besides a great book you have all your necessary items for a stylish trip!

Until next time..... Live Stylishly