Live as long as you may. The first twenty years are the longest half of your life.

I love that quote, and the fact that I will finally no longer be a teen and I am going into my adult years!
So I would like to announce that my birthday is in two weeks, which to me is the biggest holiday besides Christmas! . Many of you know that I am lucky enough to travel to Paris and London with my family for the big 2-0 this year, but as a stylelista I of course have a wish list of items I have been lusting for. 

While I already have my white macbook, and it has gotten me through my 3 amazing years in college and practically traveled with me to all parts of the country and world, but I definitely want to upgrade to the newest Macbook Pro, the ultimate blogging computer and perfect for a college graduate, or in my case soon to be graduate! I have already begin convincing my dad and am warming him up to the idea every day! 

Another item I am lusting over is a authentic pair of Ray Ban Way-farers, I currently have a knockoff version that I picked up last Fall, but I have been lusting over the real ones, and am dying to sport them in Europe!

I have recently blogged about one of my favorite accessories, my baby blue Longchamp Le Pliage bag and it is my go to back for everything school related. I of course want to expand my collection to another  bag, this time in black. It is the perfect tote while walking around Paris and London, I am hoping that when I get home to Texas I will be able to snag this bag as an early gift!

So there you have it, my stylish birthday wishes!

So until next time... live stylishly