Beauty is Within...

So many of you may not know that while I am fashion major, I ironically work in beauty. I am an employee of over a year of Ulta and while my friends say I complain about the job more than anything, I will say that I have learned many valuable tips for makeup and hair. I have been able to instill important beauty practices and thought I would share my tips with others! Now I have shared before my obsession with nail polish and that hasn't changed and actually has gotten worse where as I own more polish than most people will ever own!  I am one to wear minimal makeup on my face but always play up my eyes with bright shadows and intense liquid liner and of course topping it all off with mascara! 

I couldn't live without Benefit's Bad Gal Mascara and Eyebrow pencil, and don't know how I lived without them for as long as I did. Bad Gal mascara lengthens and curls and the eyebrow pencil turns my thin light brows into defined and natural looking ones. 

I recommend Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for everyone no matter what. If you hate creases in your shadow by the middle of the day, this product kicks creases out the door and makes your shadow stay fresh and bright all day long!

I could go on for days about Eyeshadows because I own practically all of them. Urban Decay has a large selection of shadows that I love as well as shockingly Maybelline. Topping it off with Bourjois Eyeliner is the great combination!
I know Ulta does not sell Mac Cosmetics, but it has been the product that I have found to keep my face looking fresh, while it does produce some oil, Boscia Oil Blotting Sheets save me around mid day when I notice some shine around my nose and chin areas.

Every stylelista should own a Clarisonic! I got the luxury of being given one at Christmas time after nagging my mom for over a year about getting one! I have even gotten a few of my friends to buy them and I have sold the product at work on the spot as well! This is the best skin cleansing system on the market and I pair it with Murad Acne Cleansing system but any face wash works, Murad being my personal favorite!

Sunscreen is a must and since I have had a family member be diagnosed with Melanoma I always wear sunscreen underneath my makeup  and make sure all my makeup has some type of SPF  included! I love that Murad has SPF 15 in its products but even wearing a bit of Banana Boat Face Sunscreen or Neutrogena are great choices as well!

So there you go, all my favorite beauty items for the spring and all year round! I am currently in the works of a post about some top secret new items I found out about at work :) Stay Tuned!

Until next time.... Live Stylishly