"Every woman has the right to be beautiful"

So today is a sad sad day for the fashion industry and myself, Alexander McQueen has passed away at the age of 40. I have looked up to this designer for as long as I can remember, and every fashion week I couldn't wait to see what he was going to debut next. He was always one of the designers that stood out to me and he was the designer that influenced me to go into fashion design along with Coco Chanel. As my good friend B said this morning, "now I know how Michael Jackson fans felt" This is totally true because I really am truly devestated by this loss and the fashion industry is as well. I remember going to Spring trend report and seeing his incredible shows and being so fascinated by them. 

I found out via Twitter when I awoke this morning and when I saw the post I was in complete shock and instantely texted my mom who said she had heard as well and was about to call me. According to the Cut in New York, Anna Wintour was viewing the BCBG Show, the first fashion show of fashion week, via text message and got up and ran out mid-show. Paris Fashion Week is only 2 weeks away and I am sure Alexander was preparing for this. His lower priced line McQ show that was scheduled for today in New York Fashion Week has been cancelled. 

When you visit his webpage, there is a memo that shows up saying that the family is requesting privacy at this time. Women's Wear Daily reported that it could be a possible suicide but I don't know if that has been confirmed, but the scary part is that is most likely was indeed suicide which makes it even worse :( His mother died on February 2nd, which is a possible factor, sources are saying. This is just a horrible situation in general.

Alexander McQueen will always be remembered and be known to me as one of the most influential designers I have ever seen. My condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

R.I.P Alexander McQueen