Books are the glass of council to dress ourselves by

For some reason, that quote really stood out to me! Props to Bulstrode Whitlock!

So I can't beleive that its already February! Which means we are that much closer to spring and only 2 weeks until Fashion Week! Phil saw his shadow meaning there is six more weeks of winter, which is certainty fine with me since I haven't gotten my full fix of winter quite yet! With fashion week right around the corner, my anticipation is growing and I am literally counting down the hours until my favorite designers debut their fall 2010 fashions! 

Which brings me to Kelly Cutrone's new show "Kell On Earth" which premiered last night on Bravo! I must say Kelly always intimidated me watching her on The Hills and The City, but seeing how successful she is with her PR company People's Revolution showed me a whole new side of her and made me respect her in a whole different way. I guess I didn't really understand how much she benefits the fashion industry until I saw her show and really what she does on a daily basis. The fact that she is a mom and works as hard as she does is really admirable to me! I received her book today and can't wait to start reading it! I am even now considering looking into PR internships around the valley since it looks like such an interesting part of the industry!

I also received Lauren Conrad's new book Sweet Little Lies today which I absolutely can't wait to begin! I never thought a MTV reality star could write a decent book, but I was OBSESSED with her first novel and can only imagine how fabulous this book will be as well! 

Good thing there is six more weeks of winter or else I would be too distracted to stay in and read my new books!

Until next time... Live Stylishly :)