I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

So the big trend for spring is floral prints it's all over Nordstrom and boutiques everywhere and this weekend I went on a date and wore the perfect floral top that has ruffles on the chest and is the ultimate date top. From floral tunics to floral tanks and camis this is set to be the trend that takes over stores everywhere. Prada was the most memorable designer for me that took this trend and worked it well. With the models hair set perfect in a low bun and extreme bangs with nude color lips and natural eyes and cheeks prada is my winner for embracing this trend the best. I feel that I will be adding more floral prints to my wardrobe this season. With the fall 2010 runway shows right around the corner, I am so excited to see what is the next trend to catch my eye and make me run to nordy's and find the perfect ensemble. From nordstrom to forever 21 florals are readily available to everyone and anyone who wants to embrace this trend. 

What are stylistas out there excited for this spring season?  
Of course yours truly is always excited for sequins!