I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colors.

So normally my entire paycheck goes to clothes, but being an employee at ULTA has really not been healthy for my obsession with nail polish. I probably spend about $100 a month on nail polish alone and am always wanting to add to my exploding collection! Today my lovely friend B not only surprised me with my very first Longchamp Le Pliage Bag in light blue, but she came in to my work and bought the entire new OPI Hong Kong Collection, which I have been pestering my manager about and finally today she realized it was supposed to be on the floor, and assigned who else, but me to set up and start pushing the new collection. Within almost five minutes of me setting them out, the colors were quickly dissapearing into customer hands and up to register. I myself bought two of the colors Lucky Lucky Lavender and Jade is the new Black. 

Now we all know that Jade has been a recent obsession of mine and while this color is much darker, it is still just as stylish as before! I have already painted the Lucky Lucky Lavender on my nails and while it is much lighter than the normal colors I choose, it is perfect for Spring and Valentine's Day of course! I also just heard that the next collection from OPI will be related to the new Shrek movie and the colors are amazing! Check out All Laquered Up for the details!  So next time you stylelistas are out shopping check out OPI's newest collection Hong Kong for some amazing new nail colors!