Stylish Amazon Favorites: Summer 2021

It has been a bit since I've shared an Amazon post and since I' feel like lately I've been getting a package a day from them I know it was time to share! I am heading to Hawaii in early September for a family vacation so this post may weigh heavy on the travel / vacation items as well as a few cheaper options to some pretty popular items! Hope y'all are having a great week so far!

1. Silicone AirPods Case and Keychain - Ok, mini story, I was on the east coast for a month until last week and I thought I lost my AirPods on the trip over. I was so bummed and when I got home I scored and found that they had fallen out of my bag onto my bed.(they had blended in with my white blanket). I vowed to never let that happen again and found this $5 case that's bright and hard to miss! It even comes with the cutest little pom-pom keychain which really makes you not miss it! 

2. Electronic Accessory Organizer - I did work for the majority of my trip to the east coast and knew I had to bring a bunch of computer cables to be able to have my set up and instead of throwing them into my bag and having a tangled mess when I arrived, I found this super inexpensive organizer that worked great. I was able to fit my wireless mouse, charger, backup drive and several cables all in there! 

3. V-Neck Floral Dress - Dresses from Amazon can definitely be hit or miss when it comes to quality. I was super surprised when I put this one how high quality the fabric was for being only $30! Perfect for Hawaii! 

4. Katliu Women's Strappy Studded Sandals  - I had my eye on the Steve Madden version of these sandals for month but just could never get myself to buy them. I stumbled across this near identical version for half the price and knew it was a sign I had to get them! I recommend sizing up a half size as they do run a tad small. 

5. 2-Piece Travel Pill Boxes - NOBODY likes traveling with a bunch of pill bottles and putting them in ziplock bags just doesn't make it any easier. I had seen these travel cases on a few people's instagram but finally decided to grab them before my trip and I am SO glad I did. Made traveling for a month SO much easier! 

6. SOJOS Classic Square Sunglasses - These are another more affordable version of a more expensive pair of Sunglasses. They aren't polarized which I normally need but the UV protection helps a lot! 

7. Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat - I've been wanting a straw panama like hat for awhile to wear for my trip so I snagged this one for $25 and am so glad I did! 

8. Straw Summer Tote - This straw tote is the perfect size for vacation for doubling as a beach bag and a bag for your outings!

9. Cupshe One Piece V Neck Swimsuit - I've been hesitant to jump on the one piece bandwagon, but this suit is super flattering and makes me wonder why I didn't try this sooner lol! 

10. Polka Dot Mini Dress - Another fun summer dress that can be dressed up with heels or more causal with flats!

So until next time... Live Stylishly