A Stylish Decade Celebration: Years 5-9

Did y'all enjoy yesterday's post? It's been so fun taking a look back at all my old posts, definitely giving me all the feels. Today I am going to share how I celebrated years 5-9. Year 8 did not have an official post but did have a fun social media post that I definitely included below. For year 5 I did a whole week long celebration of all my favorite posts from the past 5 years and then a special shoot to celebrate year 5. That was actually the last year I did a dedicated shoot as years 6-9 began my job in real estate and how the blog grew to be a little quieter (which has obviously changed) It's funny because years 5-7 I did similar posts sharing past posts haha! Remember to come back tomorrow for the big decade post which I am so excited to share! Happy Friday eve!

Year 5: A Stylish 5th Blog-iversary Celebration
I took the entire week leading up to the official 5th birthday and each day shared my favorite post from that corresponding year. I then did an exciting beach shoot with more balloons atop one of my favorite views in the Palisades! I love these pictures still to this day! I actually still own both pairs of shoes and necklace!

Year 6: A Stylish 6th Blog-iversary Celebration
I was definitely amid my nightmare of a job and blogging was so tough as I was so miserable at my day job and didn't know how to get out. It would take almost another full year before I left that job and found my current job which you can tell in my writing. This post I just had fun looking back at the past 6 years! This particular photo from the post was one of my very first outfit photos from 2012! It was taken on a cell phone hence the not so great quality!

Year 7: A Stylish 7th Blogiversary
This was a reflection post of mostly my favorite outfits over past 7 years. I love this photo below because I took it with a tripod in my closet in Arizona. I love nail polish and this photo just proved that!

Year 8
As I mentioned there was no official post for year 8, honestly I don't remember why but I shared this social media post which I think is so quaint and perfect!

Year 9: A Stylish 9th Blog-iversary
This was a short but sweet post showing some of the many photos from the blog over the past 9 years. Simple yet shows how hard I've worked!

Alright well there you have it, 9 years of celebration all leading up to tomorrow's big decade post! I hope you had as much fun as I did looking back over the past 9 years. I can't thank y'all enough for being the best readers!

So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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  1. Congrats girl!! I just celebrated 7 years last week. it's always so fun to take a look back! :)

    xoxo A