10 Stylish Amazon Favorites

I know, I know I have been majorly MIA. Some personal stuff has been going on and its been taking away from here but I am back with an exciting post today. Anyone who knows me knows that I am flat out obsessed with Amazon. I mean I even have a credit card for Amazon, that's how dedicated I am. I truly get everything on there and I am embarrassed (but not completely because I know I'm not alone) to say that in 2018 I placed 133 orders. If that doesn't justify my above statement, I am not sure what will. 

For me, Amazon started as a place to get books, toiletries and the occasional electronic but has turned into where I get most everything with the exception of some clothing and groceries. It's an addiction but I will say among all that, I have gotten some really great items there that won't break the bank. I thought it would be fun to share some of my personal favorite purchases from Amazon that are sure be perfect for the year ahead! 

1. Leather Women's Black "G" Belt - I will start off by saying I rarely support knockoffs of designer labels because I know it takes away from the designer's hard work, but I refuse to spend $450 on a belt, so this was an exception. I kid you not, people have come up to me and said I love your belt I can't believe you spent $$$ on it and when I tell them it's from Amazon, they don't believe it. 

2. 4-Tier Acrylic Makeup Organizer - These acrylic organizers have been such a lifesaver in organizing all my beauty products. I even ordered one to help me organize my jewelry. 

3. Conair Fabric Defuzzer - Before we moved offices, our old office gave us these wood desks that were unfinished on the top and literally snagged every single shirt or sweater I owned and created so much pilling and frustration. I then saw on a friend's Insta Story this fabric defuzzer and it was literally life-changing! It removes all those stupid little snags across any fabric and restores them. This might be my most favorite purchase of 2018!

4. Essential Oils Carrying Case - My collection of oils grew throughout the past year and it seemed as though they were scattered all over my house and I was always losing them. This adorable case holds up to 10 and keeps them super organized. For under $15, you can't really beat this. 

5. 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser - While we are on the essential oils topic, I wanted a new diffuser that held more water so I wasn't constantly refilling it. This 500ml one is perfect because I only fill it up every few nights instead of every night. Plus it matches my white decor!

6. Portable Steamer - I am all about the steamer life. To be honest, I don't even own a iron because my steamer works so well. So when I found a portable travel steamer that worked equally as good I knew I had to get it. To get the idea, this steamer perfectly steamed a wedding veil for a friend's wedding. Under $20, I'll take it!

7. Black Polka Dot Midi Dress -  During the summer months, I almost always wear a dress to work. Because of that, I buy new dresses practically every season, and this past summer Amazon was my go to! I bought at least 5 dresses that lasted me the whole season and probably into next and I barely spent $20 on most of them. 

8. Canary All In One Camera - This camera has been a serious lifesaver. My pup Henry tends to be mischievous when I am at work and popping in on this thing to see what damage I have to come home to is great haha but also a really good piece of mind since I do work all day and leave him home alone. I assume when I have children it will be great for that too!! 

9. Bone-A-Mints - Smaller pups are notoriously known for having bad breath and my dog falls into that category. After doing hours of research I found these all natural breath freshening bones and Henry loves them!

10. RealTechniques Makeup Sponges - While the Beauty Blenders are great and all, if your skin is sensitive like mine, you can only wash them a few times before you have to toss and replace. I found a near identical brand that is the same thing for more than half the price. These puppies cost under $10 and come in a two pack!

I probably could go on and on but these are definitely the top 10. What are your favorite Amazon purchases!? Hope everyone is having a great week!

So until next time... Live Stylishly