Stylish Wardrobe Must Have: Maxi Skirt Rompers

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I like to think that I am somewhat on top of fashion and the new trends that come but I must say in this particular instance I was like so far behind it wasn't even funny. Until a few weeks ago I had ever heard of a maxi skirt romper. I kept seeing the word pop up on my favorite blogs and was like wtf is this and then when I saw a favorite blogger and fellow SoCal girl wearing it, I knew I had to share! I personally am the biggest fan of rompers and maxi dresses/skirts and combining the two is pretty much genius. What's my least favorite about maxi dresses is that when walking I always step on the ends and yesterday I even ripped the bottom of my dress on my desk chair, true story! This sort of gives me the best of both worlds without worrying about flashing someone as I am walking hehe. I scoured my favorite sites for the cutest, chicest and most affordable maxi jumpsuits and found some amazing options!

Hope everyone is having a stylish week!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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