Stylish Office Decor: The Perfect Desk Lamp

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I hate admitting this but I have had my bedroom furniture with the exception of my bed and desk, since I was literally 12 years old.  This year I've decided that enough is enough and I have got to save up and buy myself new furniture. I am starting with my desk area and while I am keeping the current desk I have (for now at least) I am upgrading everything else. I just fully decluttered the desk with SugarPaper for Target's newest desk collection that I seriously cannot get enough of! I am so mad that I missed the actual desk in the collection but what I snagged is still amazing. When I bought my desk  originally I was really into the whole black and white thing (like everywhere in my house its so crazy to me looking back) and now all I want is white and simple, so these desk accessories are the perfect start. However, my desk lamp is black and flat out boring so it's time to find a new chic lamp that is  gold. I have ordered this one from Target and cannot wait to get it but I thought I would shop around and see if there were any other options that fit the bill (yes all are under $100). What room in your house is craving a makeover, I would love to hear suggestions and thoughts! Hope everyone is having a stylish week, we are almost to Friday!

So until next time... Live Stylishly